July 27, 2017


'My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life."

Psalm 119:50




  'A beautiful day, warm and inviting, a nice breeze takes the edge off the heat.  It's quiet and meditative but in the background, dark and ominous clouds are building.  The wind picks up and the sun disappears in and out of the approaching storm clouds.  


 Maybe it's the sun that darkens the look of the thunder clouds; I'm sitting in the backyard wondering if I will have to bolt to the safety of being inside...


 A break as I lowered the patio umbrella and bring all my stuff inside.  I hesitated out on the upper deck just outside the patio doors.  The wind continued to build; our cat is looking at me as the wind washes her face through the screening.


The tree branches bend and the temperature just plummets with the pressure, I can feel it in my ears and in my head.


 Moving to the safety of the house, sitting in the kitchen and looking east the clouds look more threatening--I've opened the window for the cat and the weather freaks her out, her eye open wide and even comes over to me to cuddle in safety.


 Thunder begins to rumble, the storm is getting closer.  Huge drops starting slamming into the window; the storm has arrived.


  And in the whole process God is speaking to my heart--You will experience storms, you live in a fallen world, you cannot escape it.  You will suffer, you will hurt but through it all, you can rely on My promises--I will never leave you nor forsake you, you will be lifted from the miry clay, you will not drown in your sorrow, the waters will not overtake you.


  The storm will pass and when the Son breaks through again, you will remember His Words...IT IS FINISHED!' DF