September 21, 2018

“As the Father has loved Me, so have I loved you.  Now remain in my love.”

John 15:9



  “If Jesus is the answer, then what is the question?

If you wonder what life is about, if you ask what is the purpose of your existence; on where you are going, you’re asking the right questions.

If you wonder about life after death, of faith and hope, about who to listen to and the path to take, you’re asking the right questions.

  If you wonder what your role is, who is your influence, and how you are interact with others, you’re asking the right questions.

 If you wonder about love; love for yourself and others, the meaning of love, the pain of hurt and loneliness and grief, you’re asking the right questions.

  Christians are getting bad press these days.  Maybe because we are all flawed in some way or another, maybe because we listen to the wrong voices or get side-tracked off the right path, but in the end it all leads to Jesus.

  You could spend a lifetime following Him in the Gospel records and find something new and fresh and revealing about Him every day.  Jesus never grows old.

  He is God wrapped in flesh and He came to demonstrate God’s love to His creation.  He came to walk with us and walk us through life together.  He says to come to Him because He wants you to experience God’s love as a seal on your soul.

  The question was asked, “Did you find Jesus” and the answer came back, “I didn’t know He was missing,”  and He’s not—He will never leave you nor forsake you; He is missing you though—Come to Him and be forever wrapped in His love.’ DF